2018 PUSD Ski-Week Futsal Camp Feb. 21-23
Rancho Bernardo Comm Park

San Diego Soccer Camp

Hi Everyone, Exciting things are happening over at San Diego Soccer Camp. Jim and I have merged Rancho Bernardo Soccer Camps together with Upper 90 Soccer Camps to create San Diego Soccer Camps. Jim and I have worked together for years and we both have similar approaches to managing the game and the way we instruct it. It was really a natural fit to bring together to successful independent camps and merge to be able to offer our players a better soccer camp experience. This allows us to secure better facilities in the form of high school stadiums and turfed parks, to be able to offer better camp gifts. We chose the name San Diego Soccer Camp because long term, we want to be able to offer our curriculum to all of San Diego. The URL, sandiegosoccercamp.com, gets a lot of organic web traffic and our plan is to scale with quality across the soccer camp vertical. To maintain our standards of excellence, we make sure we bring in top coaches like Joe Montoya, Chris Talbott, and Brennan Tennelle. These are licensed coaches with decades of experience coaching at very high levels. When we need camp counselors, we make sure we bring in the top high school players and college players in the area Our goal is to offer 3-4 high quality camps per year that are fun for the kids, but also challenges them to improve as soccer players. Our curriculum is designed to make sure we get our work done in the morning sessions to ensure our continued success as players, and allow for expression sessions and free play in large sided and small sided environments during the second part of our day. If your kids bring a good attitude and work ethic to training, we will make them better. Thanks for all your support and you can download our camp application here. Best, Mark and Jim   Clinic 1